2012 Security Roundtable Report

Name of Section/Roundtable:          Security Roundtable

Date:                                                   November 14, 2012




  • Name (Chair)              Kara McClurken (August 2011-August 2012)
  • Brittany Turner (Secretary)     (August 2011-August 2012)


Report from annual meeting:


Number of attendees:        27+ (Note this is a 60 % increase over last year)

Election results:


Kara McClurken and Brittany Turner re-elected to positions by vote of acclamation


Summary of meeting activities: see attached minutes


Completed projects/activities:


Successfully petitioned Standards Committee/SAA Council to endorse  RBMS Security Guidelines (with introduction drafted by Security Roundtable)


Ongoing projects/activities:


Increase awareness/activities of the roundtable.

Establish/continue relationships/liaisons with other groups (e.g. RBMS)


New projects/activities:


Create Roundtable Bylaws, including revision of mission statement

            Add resources to roundtable website

            Move to online voting for 2013

            Examine record-keeping practices of the roundtable

Working group to recommend revisions to the security section on the Code of Ethics

Unofficial List of security vendors/consultants/contractors


Strategic Priority - Technology initiatives:


We hope to get our website up and running this year


Strategic Priority - Diversity initiatives:




Strategic Priority - Advocacy/Public Awareness initiatives:

Develop roundtable website to gather resources in one place

Increase/continue relationships with other cultural organizations devoted to security issues

Assign liaison to work with Governmental Affairs Working Group on issues of security 



Questions/concerns for Council attention:


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