Protect to Preserve: Information, Observations, and Things to Ponder

We have gathered small pieces, that would otherwise be posted on our blog, together in a single, short, PDF document. It includes definitions of terms and quotations, Items that were requested in the past by non-members of the Security Section.

Please enjoy it and let us know what you think.

Protect to Preserve: Information, Observations, and Things to Ponder


Secure Your Stuff
Section Research Volunteer, Jeff Lundgren, asks “how do we secure our stuff when it comes to “cyber”, and provides some answers he has found with ways to “Protect Yourself.” (Front)

Do you know the answer to how well you can expect to be protected by one of the most common defense methods employed by users of computers? (Page 2)

A Quote for This Day 
The voice of others involved with record security, offering something to consider or to discuss among colleagues. For whatever day it is read or considered.

Let’s Go Phishing!
A screenshot of a “phishing” email sent by cybercriminals. What do you see that would lead you to suspect the email is a “phishing” attempt?  Practice is the best defense against phishing attacks. 

Custom Made Security Devices 
A different way of thinking about securing your collections and your site when funds and other resources are short.

We will be continuing the posting of definitions and quoteations, along with other tidbits that may come up, on the list. As in the past, I will endeavor to email these things to others who wish to receive them, but this may be more difficult. Joining the list will likely be the best way to receive them, as well as to make comments. We hope to save these items and place them in PDF format as well, and we will shortly have the long-promised collection of past terms of the day/week available as well.
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