2020 Security Section Volunteers

The Security Section Steering Committee welcomes Jessica Doss and Jeff Lundgren who join us as volunteers for the coming service year. Both are students with varied backgrounds and excellent knowledge and skillsets which they offer to assist the section on projects. They will meet with the Steering Committee, coordinating their tasks and offering their insights. 

As with the Early Career Volunteer, Heather Parks, elected by ballot during the annual election, we ask the section membership to serve as resources and mentors as they continue their education and professional experiences.

Just a bit about Jessica and Jeff:

Jessica Doss

Bio & Statement

I am a current MLIS student with a concentration in Archival Management at Simmons University (expecting to graduate May 2021) and I have a bachelor's in History from the University of North Georgia. I am currently residing in Georgia, north of Atlanta, and I am completing my degree online. Most recently, I have worked as an archival technician for Heritage Werks, a for-profit archival company that provides services to corporations, sport teams, fashion companies, and private individuals. I have also completed a few archival internships in the past two years with the Atlanta History Center and the University of North Georgia. I am excited to be a part of this section and look forward to getting to know all of you, to learning more about security in archives, and to contributing what I can to the committee.


Jeff Lundgren

Bio & Statement


I am attending the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, concentrating in Special Collections and Archives. My active involvement in archival studies is in its infancy, but the connection to my undergraduate love of history and its preservation is what has attracted me to the profession.

Statement of Interest

I am a first-year graduate student and an aspiring Archivist. My career prior to graduate school has been long and varied in other professions, including physical security, and will benefit me in my new venture as a member of the Security Section of the Society.

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