Protect to Preserve: Information, Observations, and Things to Ponder_Encounter 2

 The new issue of information, observations, and things to ponder can be found in pdf form here



Secure Your Stuff

Section Research Volunteer, Jeff Lundgren, asks if you have done
a “systems review” in starting the new year off right. He explains some reasons why this part of every-day security awareness is so important. This is followed by a few more tips on securing your stuff, continued from the November 2020 text in our
First Encounter


What do you know about IoT?? (Page 2)

A Quote for This Day

The voice of others offering a view on security, offered here as something to consider or tr discuss among colleagues. (Page 2)


Archival Term- Add it to your vocabulary

What do You Know about Certificate Authorities? (Page 2)

The Criminal Hacker: Tools of the Trade

Just how many ways does a cybercriminal use to take what rightfully belongs to someone else? Some of their skills might surprise you.  (page 2)

Let’s Go Phishing!

A screenshot of a “phishing” email sent by cybercriminals. What do you see that would lead you to suspect the email is a “phishing” attempt?  Can you tell why it is effective, even agains those who might be alert to phishing? Practice is the best defense against phishing attacks. (Page 3)

Answer to Quiz- and More (page 4)

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