2011 Security Roundtable Report

Date:  December 1, 2011


Name of Section/Roundtable:  Security Roundtable


Officers:  Kara M. McClurken, Chair

               Brittany Turner, Secretary



Report from annual meeting:

  • Number of attendees:  25
  • Election results: Kara M. McClurken was elected Chair and Brittany Turner was elected Secretary
  • Summary of meeting activities: Most of the meeting focused on two areas of discussion:  the recent Barry Landau case and the RBMS Security Guidelines/request for endorsement.  What follows is the discussion related to the RBMS Security Guidelines
  • Discussion Summary: Mimi summarized the past discussion of the RBMS guidelines and endorsement. The Sec Roundtable would make a recommendation to the Standards Committee, which would then pass the proposal up to the Exec Council. Gregor pointed out that it was previously discussed at Council prematurely and was sent back down, as it wasn't their role to initiate the process. The Sec Roundtable must act formally first, then the Standards Committee, then the Executive Council. Areas of concern included: focus on rare books, suggestions regarding marking. Previous concerns, such as those related to investigation and questioning, no longer a major concern. Wording could be made clearer; can be interpreted differently than the actual intent.

    Decision: Recommend SAA adoption/endorsement with commentary. The Sec Roundtable will develop a preface (similar to the approach taken with Approved Published Materials Online Standard by OCLC) indicating that the RBMS document is being recommended for approval, but users should recognize that certain issues are more relevant to rare books than archives. It should also address the marking issue, acknowledging that this is an optimum practice, but may not always be advisable or feasible (particularly as it pertains possible legal implications of inconsistent application of Appendix 1, Numbers 3 and 4). The preface should emphasize the fact that the RBMS document outlines guidelines rather than rules. The preface should be roughly a page and a half addressing a number of issues that would be maintained on the standards portal to address specific concerns. The information can be taken under advisement.


Completed projects/activities

  • Endorsements for the 2012 sessions



Ongoing projects/activities

  • See above re: the RBMS Guidelines.


 New projects/activities

  • n/a



Strategic Priority - Technology initiatives:




Strategic Priority - Diversity initiatives:




Strategic Priority - Advocacy/Public Awareness initiatives:

            See above re: RBMS Security Guidelines


Questions/concerns for Council attention:


Not at this time.  We will have something to bring to council when we finish our response to the RBMS Security Guidelines


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