Communication Technology Working Group [0112-V-P]



SAA’s FY10-FY14 Strategic Priority Outcomes and Activities aspire to "make increasingly effective use of current and emerging technology in order to enhance communication with internal and external audiences and stimulate collaboration among its constituents" (Technology, Desired Outcome #3). To advance this objective, the Council charged the Communication Technology Working Group (CTWG) to:

  • Convene a public forum at SAA’s 2011 Annual Meeting to solicit input on what resources, capabilities, and uses individual members and groups want from SAA;
  • Analyze functional gaps between SAA’s officially sponsored communications technology and constituent needs and/or user practices;
  • Identify priority areas; and
  • Submit recommendations to the Council.

In fulfillment of its charge, CTWG makes the following core recommendations to the Council:

  • Provide access to Wi-Fi at Annual Meeting.
  • Facilitate tweeting and/or blogging at the Annual Meeting.
  • Establish specific Twitter hashtags for Annual Meeting sessions, preconference sessions, and continuing education workshops.
  • Make more effective use of RSS and website news feeds by promoting the existing capabilities of SAA’s list server and Drupal content management system.
  • Re-publish to the SAA website the SAA President’s and the SAA Executive Director’s bi-monthly columns from Archival Outlook.

[Download the full report below.]

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