SAA Council Liaisons to Component Groups

An important task assigned to all Council members is to serve as liaisons to SAA component groups, including boards, committees, working groups, and sections. Following is a list of current Council liaison assignments.

Krystal Appiah

Committee on the Selection of SAA Fellows

Intellectual Property Working Group

Archival History Section

Government Records Section

Issues and Advocacy Section

Records Management Section

Women's Collections Section

Alison Clemens

Accessibility and Disability Section

Archives Management Section

Manuscript Repositories Section

Web Archiving Section

Preservation Section

User Experience Section

Membership Committee

Conor Casey

Committee on Public Policy

Description Section

Encoded Archival Standards Section

Human Rights Archives Section

Oral History Section

Reference, Access, and Outreach Section

Security Section

Joyce Gabiola

American Archivist Editorial Board

Dictionary Working Group

Accessioning, Acquisitions, and Appraisal Section

Design Records Section

Labor Archives Section

Students and New Archives Professionals Section

Diverse Sexuality and Gender Section

Michelle Ganz

Archival Educators Section

Archivists of Religious Collections Section

Independent Archivists Section

Women Archivists Section

Committee on Ethics and Professional Conduct

Awards Committee

Crisis, Disaster, and Tragedy Response Working Group

Jasmine Jones

Committee on Education

Committee on Research, Data, and Assessment

Congressional Papers Section

Audio and Moving Image Section

Local Government Records Section

Public Library Archives/Special Collections Section

Regional Archival Associations Consortium

Science, Technology, and Health Care Section

Terry Baxter

Archival Repatriation Committee

Publications Board

Archivists and Archives of Color Section

College and University Archives Section

Museum Archives Section

Native American Archives Section

Visual Materials Section



Selena Ortega-Chiolero

Latin American and Caribbean Cultural Heritage Archives Section

Solo Archivists Section

Performing Arts Section

Collection Management Section

Military Archives Section

Diversity Committee

Committee on Public Awareness

Dr. Lydia Tang

Standards Committee

Technical Subcommittees (AFG, DACS, EAS, GRD)

Electronic Records Section

International Archival Affairs Section

Metadata and Digital Object Section

Privacy and Confidentiality Section

Business Archives Section