JTF-HCM Guidelines 2018: Introduction

The guidelines embodied in this document were developed to help archival repositories and special collections libraries quantify and communicate information about holdings. The guidelines are presented, and the document is organized, as follows. A Background section briefly describes the context within which the guidelines were called for and developed. Audience and Purpose serves to remind that the guidelines are intended to be used by repositories of all types and sizes and to account for all varieties of collection material typically held. In the section titled Overarching Approach, four fundamentals that are essential to understanding and using the guidelines are explained. Intellectual Units Held provides a rationale and guidance for conducting the first of the three counts and measures described in these guidelines; Physical Space Occupied and Digital Space Occupied provide the same for the second and third. Under the heading Conducting the Counts and Measures, basic considerations and general instructions are set out for conducting the recommended and optional counts and measures for Intellectual Units Held, Physical Space Occupied, and Digital Space Occupied. Appendix A: Categories/Types of Collection Material provides a definition and a scope statement for each of the ten categories of collection material identified in these guidelines. Appendix B: Tables for Recording Counts and Measures consists of three tables, for recording the recommended and optional counts and measures. Finally, Appendix C: Glossary identifies and provides a definition for the key terms that are employed in the guidelines. 

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