Share Your Stories on the RAO News Blog

We are looking for folks who would like to share their stories and experiences of working on the front lines of reference, access, and outreach to contribute to the RAO News blog. (See what we're about at Share your successes, your failures, your inspirations, your innovations. We are especially interested in "intersections"--both in areas of overlap and cooperation, or potential for cooperation, with our other SAA sections, and in ways we can aid and learn from the important intersections in society at large today.  However, we eagerly welcome all topics and perspectives relevant to reference, access, outreach, and engagement.
If you are interested in writing a post (or posts!) for the RAO News blog, please let us know at If you have questions or would like to discuss and develop your ideas for possible future posts, don't hesitate to get in touch as well. If you are too busy right now (we totally sympathize...), get in touch anyway -- we will add you to our calendar for a later date down the road.



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