Access to Electronic Records Bibliography

From January through May of 2015, 10 archivists compiled an annotated bibliography on the broad topic of access to electronic records. With 46 entries, the archivists divided the annotations into 8 categories:

  1. Access Policies 
  2. Case Studies
  3. Ethics
  4. General
  5. Legal Issues
  6. Preservation
  7. Records Management 
  8. Software and Systems

Click here to download the complete annotated bibliography with 46 all annotations.

Many thanks to the archivists listed below who contributed to the annotated bibliography!

  1. Adams, Margaret
  2. Adkins, Alexis
  3. Bishop, Amy
  4. Drake, Jarrett
  5. Hopkins, Pamela
  6. Kim, Tammi
  7. Russell, Rebecca
  8. Strauss, Matthew
  9. Toutain, Ashley
  10. Waugh, Dorothy
saa_rao_aerwg_access_electronic_records_annotated_bibliography.pdf379.65 KB



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