2024 Call for TPS Subcommittee Co-chairs

The Reference, Access, and Outreach Section (RAO) of the Society of American Archivists is seeking two new co-chairs to lead the Teaching with Primary Sources (TPS) Subcommittee.

The TPS Subcommittee advocates for the active and interactive use of primary sources in teaching and learning as a core component of archival work. The co-chairs work together with the RAO Steering Committee to plan and develop different programming opportunities throughout the year, such as the Article Discussion Club and Virtual Lesson Plan Discussions. The co-chairs also build connections with the TPS Collective and RBMS Instruction and Outreach Committee to collaborate and cross-promote events and professional development opportunities. The TPS Subcommittee co-chairs also work with the Teaching with Primary Sources Case Studies editors to manage and promote the series.

The ideal candidates should be collaborative, creative, willing to share their experiences in the classroom, demonstrate proven archives and/or special collections instruction experience, and have the ability to commit 5-10 hours of time to meetings, planning, and subcommittee administration per month. Appointments are made by the RAO chair and are usually for staggered two-year or three-year terms.

Please complete the volunteer form to express interest in the position.



Send comments on this website to 2023-2024 RAO Past Chair/Webmaster, Jay-Marie Bravent.