Policies and Procedures Resources

1. Highland City (UT) Library Special Collections Collection Policy

This 19-page PDF collection policy has a very structured, highly-defined collection policy for use by the Highland City Library (UT) for its Special Collections and Manuscript Archive. The policy reflects numerous topics like security, deaccessioning, and has fully reproduced major SAA and library ethics and standards for archives. The policy includes blank forms for deed of gift, a deed of gift instruction sheet, researcher request form, materials request form, photocopy/scan request form, general copyright notice, and permission form to publish. The information and forms offer a decent template from which to structure your institution's own policies.

2. Perry Local History Room Collection and Usage Policy, Canton (CT) Public Library

This short webpage provides a very simple, easy-to-follow collection policy and patron usage rules for a local public library's history room/archives for Canton Public Library (CT). It offers a text-forward description of policies and procedures (without any drop-down menus or options) to make use easy for the local community (10,124 as of the 2020 census). The structure and content of the policy match all current professional archives standards for such policies, and this policy is easily used or reproduced at other institutions.

3. Red Bank (NJ) Public Library Local History Room Forms and Policies

The Red Bank (NJ) Public Library Local History Room has provided their blank forms online, including a photocopy policy, photograph reproduction policy, publication policy, and a Spanish-language researcher registration form. These are good general, simply-structured forms with good explanations that are highly adaptable for other institutions.

4. Elizabeth (NJ) Public Library Local History Room Research Request Policy

This 2-page research request policy for the Elizabeth (NJ) Public Library Local History Room, including information on remote research requests. It is basic, has basic standards and limitations, stated fees, and a blank form that can be filled out and returned for remote research requests to help the library keep track of research requests. It's a good basic policy to use as a structure that can be adapted if needed.

5. Wright State University Special Collections Processing Manual

The Wright State University Special Collections and Archives in Dayton, OH, is a state university with one of the best regional archival student training programs in the U.S. through the Public History program. This 96-page processing manual, based entirely on DACS and EAD structure, is used by all interns, student workers, and for Public History graduate students training in processing. The manual provides numerous DACS-field justifications and definitions, has photographs illustrating processing issues and formats, is full of blank sample forms and templates for such things as "Media Removed," and is one of the more non-technical processing manuals for a public university archives.

6. Society of Georgia Archivists Forms Resource

The Society of Georgia Archivists' Forms Resource has been compiled as a resource for archivists and librarians, or anyone else needing to make sense of the organization, administration, and work-flow of an archives or special collections library. The resources are from archives and libraries within the state of Georgia, and are intended as representations of the types of forms needed or used in operating an archives.