Historical Newspapers Digitization Programs

During the 2022-2023 year after review various past member surveys and national reports on informational needs of archivists, the SAA PLASC Steering Committee conducted research to locate current newspaper digitization project throughout the United States. The goal was to have in one location a list that could be used by public library archives and special collections to reference how others in the field are handling newspaper digitization through a variety of different models.

The PLASC Steering Committee now presents a list of current known active state and regional newspaper digitization project websites to support the informational needs and work of public library archives. This list is arranged alphabetically by the name of the state in which the project exists, divided into four main groups of states in that alphabetical order. The titles, descriptions, sources, and links are provided for each project based on what PLASC Steering Committee members could locate from the projects' sites. Archivists can peruse these projects through the links, without having to doing individual searches repeatedly to locate the same information.

We are accepting suggestions for new projects to add to this list on an ongoing basis. To submit a resource, email publibarchives@gmail.com with the subject “Suggested New Newspaper Project.” Explore the links below and let us know how we can improve our resources that support the work of public library archives and special collections.