Collection Development and Maintenance

1. Collection Development Policy, Jackson County (MO) Historical Society Archives and Library

This short collection development policy was produced by the Jackson County Historical Society (MO) for use in a local county archives. It has good definitions, standard requirements listed for such a policy by SAA, and it is a good starter template for a small archives looking to format their collection policy.

2. Local History Collection Development Policy Statement, Sharon (MA) Public Library

This 4-page collection development policy statement is for the Sharon Public Library (MA). It lays out in a structured order, matching SAA guidelines and AASLH standards, the general collection policy approach for archives. This particular policy provides a detailed list of formats collected and specific selection criteria that might be useful to other libraries.

3. Collection Development Policy, Ellsworth (ME) Public Library

This webpage contains the collection development policy for the Ellsworth Public Library (ME) Special Collections. It has very detailed justifications for what it collects and what it will not collect. It defines the perimeters and operation of the library's Special Collections Committee which reviews acquisitions. This policy offers the committee-selection format for public library archives' acquisition policies.

4. Collection Management Policy, Yolo County (CA) Archives

This 19-page policy document provides the entire operational guidelines and forms used by the Yolo County (CA) Archives of the Yolo County Library in Yolo County, CA. The document includes the archives' acquisition policy, deaccessioning policy, preservation policies, reference policies, and loan policy. It includes blank versions of the various forms used for reference, transfer form, deed of gift, collections disposal form, oral history release, etc.

  • Collection Management Policy, Yolo County Archives [Click on attached document below]
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