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The Preservation Section of the Society of American Archivists promotes the preservation of archives and manuscript collections managed by collecting repositories, including government, academic and cultural heritage institutions, in the United States. Our mission is to raise awareness of and disseminate information about the preservation of physical and digital archival materials regardless of format, by focusing on issues related to the "ten agents of deterioration:" neglect, fire, environment (temperature, relative humidity, and light), pests, pollutants/contaminants, physical forces, security issues, and water. The Section offers access to its resources to the membership of the Preservation Section, the membership of the Society of American Archivists, and to anyone interested in preservation.


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News & Announcements

At the CoSA and SAA Joint Annual Meeting in New Orleans, the Preservation Section of SAA will be selling Grab 'n Go Disaster Bags *at the registration area* to benefit the National Disaster Recovery Fund for Archives.
Find out who will be running for Section leadership positions in 2013-2014. Voting will take place online via surveymonkey.
Pass it On: Preservation Week is April 21nd-27th. See the Preservation Week 2013 page for member activities and useful resources related to preservation.
The American Library Association (ALA) celebrates Preservation Week , next Spring April 21st through April 27th, 2013. Libraries and other institutions can use Preservation Week to connect and reach out to their local communities through events, activities, and resources. It's a great opportunity for the general public to learn how library collections are preserved, and how libraries can help the public preserve their personal collections. For more information please visit us at
The annual business meeting of the Preservation Section will feature reports on activities of the Section from each committee and a special program on Preservation in the 21st century with a great line up of preservation administrators and educators to take us beyond traditional borders. SUBMIT QUESTIONS IN ADVANCE to the panel! Email to
At the upcoming 2012 annual Meeting in San Diego, the Preservation Section of SAA will be selling aprons at the registration area on Wednesday and Thursday from 8am-6pm to benefit the National Disaster Recovery Fund for Archives. Come by the registration desk to buy one!
See the 2012 annual meeting page for the section meeting program, for information about buying an apron for the disaster relief fund, and where to vote for candidates for 2012-2013.
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