Performing Arts Section: Call for Nominees

The Performing Arts Section (PAS) is seeking nominations for both the Co-Chair and a Steering Committee Member positions. 

Serving in a leadership role on the Section is a wonderful way to become more involved with PAS and SAA and get to know other archivists. 

In order to hold a position as an officer and/or member of the Steering Committee, you must be a member of both SAA and PAS. The term for each office is one year, beginning at the close of the SAA annual meeting in August 2022 and ending at the close of the SAA annual meeting in 2023.

If you wish to nominate yourself or someone else, please complete this form. All nominations are due by 11:59 PM PST on May 31, 2022. If you are nominated by someone else, you will have an opportunity before the ballot goes live to write your own candidate statement. You will need to resubmit the form for each nomination.

Candidates may only run for one position. If you are nominated for multiple positions, you must choose which position you'd like to run for.


PAS will conduct its annual elections via an online ballot system provided by the SAA staff.  Basic ballot information (e.g., listing of offices, number of vacancies for each, names of candidates, and candidate statements) need to be submitted to the SAA staff by June 1, 2022.  Online ballots will open on June 24, 2022 and shall remain open for three weeks.  Results will be announced at the PAS Meeting, on August 11, 2022 as well as on the PAS listserv.


Co-Chair (one position: two-year term): The co-chair will assist the chair in the operation of the section, serve as acting chair in the absence of the chair, and participate as a member of the steering committee. The co-chair assists the chair in writing reports for SAA, writing the welcome letter for Performance!, the section newsletter, planning the annual section meeting, and delegating responsibilities for updating and maintaining the section’s website, and other special projects that may arise.

Steering Committee Member (one position: one-year term): Members of the Steering Committee shall serve in an advisory capacity to the Chair and its members may be assigned specific responsibilities by the Chair. Committee members establish projects for the year, help to plan the annual meeting of the section, and endorse SAA program sessions presented to the section. A member of the Steering Committee shall serve as secretary at the annual section meeting and take minutes, which will be submitted to the Chair.

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