November 2022 Steering Committee Meeting

SAA PAS Meeting Minutes

Monday, November 14, 2022 at 2:30pm ET

Present: Katalin Rac, Ashley Minnich, Elizabeth Batiuk, John Esh, Rachel McNellis, Juliette Appold, Arianne Quinn

Action Items

By the December meeting, committee members must:

  1. Read through the current bylaws and bring any ideas or suggestions for changes or updates to the next meeting
  2. Consider what events we might hold within the next year and bring any ideas or concepts


  1. Introductions  - with more of the committee members present than the last meeting, the committee introduced themselves to one another again
  2. Newsletter/Blog Updates (Rachel, Supriya, Arianne, John)
    1. The newsletter editors are discussing turning the newsletter that is currently released twice a year as a PDF into a blog housed on the SAA site.
      1. Advantages: quicker publication process, current newsletter submissions generally have the length of a longer blog post, removes the time consuming work of formatting
    2. How might this change affect the social network presence we have?
      1. Easy communication via social media
      2. The main difference is instead of an information push once or twice a year, we would spread out and publish submissions as receive.
    3. Juliette raised attention to developing a web archiving concept for the blog.
    4. The assembled committee generally agrees that moving to a blog format makes sense.
  3. Bylaws Changes
    1. The committee considers revising the bylaws
    2. The main change we are investigating is to loosen the restrictions on how many members can be elected each year
      1. John notes that a leaner committee is generally more effective and preferred over a larger group
      2. In contrast, not to be able to invite qualified candidates may result in a loss of insights and professional input.
      3. The committee agrees to review the bylaws and bring ideas for changes to the next meeting
  4. What are the purposes of the committee and its connection to SAA?
    1. In the past year, the committee has focused on: developing a social media presence, developing events: coffee table on dance and the annual meeting was held in collaboration with the Web Archiving Section, all the members helped proofreading the newsletter
    2. Katalin participated at the beginning of the year in the SAA leadership workshop. Based on what she learned there, she argues that we could think of developing programming in collaboration with other sections or organizing presentations by members. In her view, the role of the steering committee s to advance professional discussions, help members network, provide a space for professional development, and to a certain extent represent members and the profession
    3. We’re open for event ideas for the upcoming year!
  5. Next Meeting
    1. Tentatively: Monday, December 5, 2022 2:30-3:00pm ET

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