December 2022 Steering Committee Meeting

SAA PAS Meeting Minutes

Monday, December 5, 2022 at 2:30pm ET

Present: Katalin Rac, Ashley Minnich, Elizabeth Batiuk, Supriya Wronkiewicz (briefly)

Action Items

Before the January meeting:

  1. Read through the current bylaws and bring any ideas or suggestions for changes or updates to the next meeting
  2. Katalin will send out a poll to set up an updated meeting day/time for January
  3. Elizabeth will set up a rough draft of a survey requesting information from the general membership about who they are, what they do, what their interests are, etc
    • This will be circulated to the committee for feedback before the January meeting
    • Upon approval at the January meeting, this Google form will be circulated to the section membership
  4. Ashley will formulate a plan for Google Drive for the group so that we have better documentation of group activities and will circulate this to the committee ahead of the January meeting

December Meeting Agenda

  1. Newsletter/Blog Updates
    1. Supriya reported that the Newsletter team has received all of their submissions and are finishing up with the creation of the newsletter.
    2. They hope to have an update/preview available soon.
  2. Document Sharing/File Discussion 
    1. The gathered committee members discuss how files are created and shared amongst the entire committee as well as ways to improve access to steering committee documents.
      1. The committee discusses developing a shared drive, potentially a shared Google drive for easier dissemination of these documents.
      2. The committee maintains that even if a Google drive, or other shared application, is used for communication and work, the committee must continue to document work on the SAA microsite so that it remains available for the future members of the PAS Steering Committee. Any other solution will bind the documentation to member-owned online forums.
      3. Elizabeth mentions the idea of having a goals document for committee members to share what their goals are for their participation within the committee and the changes/updates they want to see going forward.
    2. The gathered committee members discuss who has access to the email address set up for the section, and whether we should expand access to this Gmail account to more members of the committee. We would also need to ensure that the section address is added to the shared drive.
      1. Providing broader access to the section Gmail account would also be helpful for any committee members that do not have a Google account should we decide to use a Google drive as a main file storage option
    3. Ashley volunteers to develop some shared document structure ideas to share with the committee before the January meeting.
  3. Section Events
    1. Elizabeth volunteers to create a survey as a Google Form so we can gather information about the interests from the general membership.
      1. This will be drafted and circulated before the next meeting.
  4. Bylaws Changes 
    1. We will continue the discussion of potential changes to the bylaws at the January meeting. Please review them and come to the January meeting prepared to discuss any potential changes or updates, with particular attention to the bylaws referring to the number of members.
  5. Next Meeting - January
    1. Tentatively: TBD
      1. Katalin will send out a poll to gather feedback on the best date for a January meeting.

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