Submit to the 2018 Summer Edition of the MAS Newsletter - Due June 30th

Hello Museum Archives Section members! 

It’s time to start thinking about the next issues of the MAS newsletter!

The Museum Archivist is seeking contributions for the upcoming Summer issue coming out in July, before the annual meeting. Our last issue was filled with lots of great stories, unveilings, essays, updates, and news. Whether you have in the past or for the first time, please consider submitting to the upcoming newsletter. And don’t forget to include images. The deadline for submissions is Monday, June 30.

Below are some of the possible options for submitting to the MAS newsletter but if you don’t see a perfect fit, don’t let that stop you from submitting. If you have any questions, please contact me at We look forward to hearing what you’ve been up to!

Katrina O’Brien
SAA Museum Archives Section Newsletter Editor

News and Notes

Update us on milestones in your repository: new collections, collaborations, resources, discoveries, activities, exhibitions, websites, publications, etc. Submissions can range in length from a couple paragraphs to a full page and should include an image. Short articles on relevant topics are also welcome.

Scholars Speak

The work of our researchers brings to life the collections we care for and endows them with meaning and relevance.  Our work cannot be sustained without the voices of this community. Invite your researchers to share their experiences, impressions, methodologies, discoveries, and feedback about working with you and your resources. Articles may be written independently by researchers, or collaboratively to include the perspectives of archivists and run a few paragraphs to two pages with images. All submissions should be sponsored, reviewed, and submitted by a MAS member.

Internship Profile

This call for content goes directly to Archives interns! The work of interns is often among the most innovative and exciting at our repositories. The Museum Archives Section would love to hear about your achievements and contributions. Work with your managers to send a brief description of your project. Images welcome!


Have you taken on a new role or project at work? Are you teaching a class or seminar, or participating in a lecture series? Have you recently published or contributed to publication? Have you earned a degree, certificate, or an award? The Museum Archives Section has an extraordinarily diverse membership. We work in a number of different institutions and many of us hold multiple degrees, have worked in allied professions, and/or are involved in interesting side projects. The Postscript column is a way for us to get to know each other better and celebrate all of the interesting work going on in the section—both in and out of the office.

For inspiration, check out our latest issue of the Museum Archivist.

Please consider sharing your news!  I’m happy to help you with your piece as well, and it’s great to hear from first-time contributors as well as those of you who have contributed before.  Contributions and questions should be sent directly to me at