Minutes from MAS Annual Working Group Meeting 2015

Standards and Best Practices Working Group Meeting Minutes

Friday, August 21, 2015 [Cleveland Convention Center, Cleveland, OH]

Rachel Chatalbash and Susan Hernandez, S&BP Working Group Co-Chairs convened the meeting.

Introductions were made. Emily Perkins and Margaret Huang would like to be added as Working Group members.

The Group's work for the year was discussed. Scope was addressed; are the projects too big? The Working Group Co-Chairs may ask others to lead particular projects in the future.

The issue of what the Section's values are was discussed--do Section members value the products created throughout the year or only the symposium, which takes less effort than other aspects of our work. Are group members placing efforts in the right areas? The continued value of the online resource guide was emphasized. Is there a way to find out our web analytics for other projects? For example, how many times have the interviews from last year been downloaded?

Ideas for this coming year were discussed:


  • Continue to develop born digital resources – can we offer any more clarity detail on this?
  • Focus on creating elevator speeches; could compile and share with the community
  • Create a self-assessment tool building on the idea of a trusted physical repository that was mentioned during the meeting; could have a self-evaluation matrix with different levels