MAS WG invites comments on updated draft of Museum Archives Guidelines

The Society of American Archivists Museum Archives Section welcomes your comments on a draft of revised Museum Archives Guidelines. These guidelines have been created by the Section to assist all types of museums in the development and administration of archival programs.

You can view the draft Guidelines here and submit feedback by accessing this survey:

Please note that you can sign off on the Guidelines as written using the radio buttons in the first question at the top, or you can enter specific comments on each section along with general comments on the document as a whole beneath.

The Guidelines serve several purposes for museum archivists. They demonstrate best practices and essential functions to museum administrations. They justify the role the museum archivist should assume within the institution in order to be successful and the related work that should be undertaken. They also help museum archivists accomplish that work to agreed upon professional standards. It is important to note that museum administrators and staff do not always understand the critical value of the museum archives to the institution and how it should be supported, especially when the museum’s focus is a more-highly valued and appreciated object collection. The Guidelines are a tool that museum archivists can use as they navigate this complex dynamic.

The Museum Archives Guidelines were originally developed in 1998, and approved and endorsed by SAA Council in 2003. This revised version, once finalized and approved, will be reviewed by the Museum Archives Section every two years.

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