2020/2021 Elections Notice

Museum Archives Section members,

We want to take this moment to appreciate all those working in or supporting museums and museum archives. As we go into the next election year, your input and voices are more important than ever. During these unsettling times, the Museum Archives Section (MAS) like other sections have found it difficult to find new nominees for its 2020/2021 elections. After multiple public notices and personal reach-outs, MAS received no new nominations. In order to keep all positions of the MAS steering committee filled, the current leadership reviewed its options and finding the benefit of having consistency and stability through these turbulent times, those in positions up for election have been nominated to reprieve their current position as allowed under our current standing rules. The MAS steering committee agreed to a one-time allowance of the current Chair to be nominated to a second term of Vice Chair/Chair-Elect, serving 2020/2021 as Vice Chair to the upcoming Chair. The Secretary and Web Liaison have been nominated to serve second terms. Having completed his first year as Vice Chair, Sharad Shah will continue on as Chair and Cate Peebles will continue her two-year term as Newsletter Editor.

Vice Chair/Chair-Elect: Katrina O'Brien
Recording Secretary: Tara Laver
Web Liaison: Shannon Yule Morelli

For leadership bios, visit https://www2.archivists.org/groups/museum-archives-section/elections

To complete the 2020 MAS survey, visit http://bit.ly/MAS2020Survey - we will be sharing these findings during the 2020 Annual Meeting in August. We have updated the survey to include questions regarding response to COVID19 so please feel free to complete again if you had already done so prior to the update.