Metadata and Digital Objects Listservs

PIG (PREMIS Implementers’ Group)  

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American Library Association Digital Preservation List


Library of Congress Lists (The Signal: Digital Preservation Blog, Digital Preservation Newsletter, Digital Preservation Outreach and Education, LOC Web Archiving)

EAD (Encoded Archival Description List)


EAC-CPF (Encoded Archival Context-Corporate Bodies, Persons, and Families List)

The EAD list covers the EAC-CPF community. 


SAA Archives & Archivists List


DLF (Digital Library Forum List)


American Library Association Metadata Interest Group




VRACore (Visual Resources Association Core List)


Digital Curation Google Group!forum/digital-curation


American Library Association Digital Curation Interest Group


ALA-SAA-AAM Combined Committee on Archives, Libraries and Museums


DC-General Listserv (Dublin Core)


The Data Administration Newsletter