Vote on Adoption of Bylaws

Dear Members of the International Archival Affairs Roundtable (IAART):

During the past year, an ad-hoc steering committee has been formed to create a new governance structure for this roundtable, which would allow us to create a steering committee and elect officers in a way similar to that of other SAA roundtables. One of the first steps has been to draft bylaws for the IAART. The SAA Council now requires that all roundtables adopt bylaws by August 31, 2013 (For more information about requirements for roundtables, see

The IAART ad-hoc Steering Committee has drafted bylaws, using the template provided by SAA, and the draft has been reviewed by SAA staff and Council, so that we can ensure it is consistent with other bylaws used in SAA.

In order to move to the next step, we need your help. Therefore, we are holding this referendum to vote on approval of these bylaws as drafted. If approved, we will be able to move ahead with recruiting members to run for positions on the steering committee, a committee that can help guide and direct our roundtable as it considers new activities and goals this year and in the years to come. The SAA staff will help us with this task, by hosting this referendum on Survey Monkey.

Click here to review the IAART draft bylaws.

IAART members will receive a link to the referendum ballot by email.

Voting ends on Friday, May 24, 2013.


Thank you,

IAART ad-hoc Steering Committee:

Brad Bauer, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Tom Connors, George Washington University

Polina Ilieva, University of California, San Francisco

Valerie Komor, Associated Press

Lisa Nguyen, Hoover Institution, Stanford University

Mario Ramirez, Bancroft Library, University of California