Proposed Revisions to the Acquisition & Appraisal Section's Standing Rules

The A&A Section's Steering Committee is asking the section membership to vote on proposed revisions to the section's standing rules. The substantive revisions include realigning the section's former bylaws--switched to standing rules in August 2016 when all component groups became sections--to be in line with the SAA governance manual; adding a section for subcommittees; and revising the description of the intern role to allow for different activities, rather than focusing solely on social media. The Steering Committee also made minor grammatical and copy editing changes throughout the document to ensure consistency and clarity in the standing rules.

These revisions will be put to a vote at the same time as the Steering Committee elections in July. If you have any questions about the proposed revisions, please contact Vice-Chair/Chair Elect Marcella Huggard ( and/or Steering Committee member Kira Baker (

aasection_standing_rules_for_voting.pdf43.72 KB