Rep(s) to US State Dept Advisory Committee on Historical Diplomatic Documentation

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The Advisory Committee consists of representatives of historical and other professional associations who advise the Office of the Historian of the U.S. Department of State on the preservation, processing, use, and publication of State Department records. The qualifications method of selection and terms of service are specified by federal law.

II. Number and Length of Appointments

A single representative is appointed for a three-year term by the U.S. Secretary of State from a list of three candidates submitted by the SAA President.

III. Qualifications

A. Each member of the Committee must have a security clearance in order to review classified materials.

B. No officer or employee of the United States government may be a member of the Advisory Committee.

IV. Duties

A. Provide advice on the preparation of the Foreign Relations series published by the U.S. Department of State.

B. Advise on access to Department of State records.

C. Provide counsel on related archival concerns.

V. Reporting Procedures

The representative prepares an annual report to Council in accordance with established procedures and reports to Council when needed on other occasions.

VI. Meetings

The Committee meets at least four times per year in Washington, D.C. Members may review materials between meetings. All expenses are reimbursed.

VII. Related SAA Bodies

A. Government Records Section

B. Reference, Access and Outreach Section

C. Congressional Papers Roundtable


Approved by Council: January 1991