Rep(s) to National Coalition for History (NCH)

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The National Coalition for History (NCH) comprises approximately 64 member organizations and exists "to serve as a central educational/advocacy outreach office for history and archives … it seeks to encourage study and appreciation of history and archives by serving as a clearinghouse of information to, and encouraging cooperation between the historical and archival professions and their partners. The NCH promotes the interest in history and archives on the state and federal levels, with special attention given to the funding and welfare of public agencies with history or archival programs and policies, regulations, agency directives, and programs that affect historical and archival interests.

II. Number and Length of Appointments

SAA is represented by the Executive Director or a member appointed by the vice president/president-elect to serve a three year term which may or may not be renewed.

III. Duties

A. Present an archival perspective and agenda items to the Policy Board of the Committee (SAA is a member of the Policy Board by virtue of the dollar amount of its annual contribution to the NCH).

B. Participate in at least one of the two NCH meetings.

IV. Reporting Procedures

The representative prepares an annual report to Council in accordance with established procedures and reports to Council when needed on other occasions.

V. Meetings

The NCH meets twice a year at the annual meetings of the American Historical Association and the Organization of American Historians.

VI. Related SAA Bodies

A. Government Records Section

B. Manuscript Repositories Section

C. Reference, Access, and Outreach Section

D. Congressional Papers Roundtable

E. SAA Representative to NHPRC


Approved by the Council: February 2003
Revised: May 2013