Rep(s) to National Historical Publications & Records Commission (NHPRC)

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Through its grant programs, the National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC) is one of the major funding sources for a wide variety of projects through its two programs of support for historical publications and preservation and use of historical records. NHPRC recommends the expenditure of appropriated or donated funds for the collecting, describing, preserving, compiling, and publishing of documentary sources significant to the history of the United States, and for Institutes, training and educational programs and fellowships related to those activities. It also disseminates information about documentary sources through guides, directories, and other technical publications. Because NHPRC is one of the chief grant funders to the archival community, SAA's representative carries great responsibility to voice the concerns of archives and archivists.

II. Number and Length of Appointments

Under federal statutes, SAA is represented by a single representative chosen for one four-year term by the SAA Council upon recommendation by the SAA President.

Commission members are subject to federal conflict of interest regulations as well as specific guidelines adopted by the Commission.

III. Duties

A. Report the best interests of the archival community to the Commission.

B. Report to the Council annually and after each NHPRC meeting on the discussions and decisions thereof.

C. Seek advice from Council on issues to be placed on the agenda for consideration at future NHPRC meetings.

D. Participate, when possible, in the various committees of NHPRC as a way of furthering the archival agenda, particularly among those commission members who are not familiar with archives.

IV. Reporting Procedures

The representative prepares an annual report and a three-year plan to Council in accordance with established procedures and reports to Council when needed on other occasions.

V. Meetings

NHPRC meets two times a year in Washington, D.C., at the National Archives. All of the expenses of the representative are paid by the Commission.


Approved by Council: February 1991