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The Academy of Certified Archivists, founded at the 1989 Annual Meeting of the Society of American Archivists, is an independent not-for-profit organization for certifying professional archivists.

II. Number and Length of Appointments

A. SAA is represented by the executive director ex officio on a continuing basis and by a Council member selected by the Council for a two-year term.

B. The SAA vice president shall appoint the Council member to serve as representative from among the incoming second-year Council members.

C. If possible, the appointed Council representative should be a Certified Archivist.

III. Duties

A. The Executive Director is responsible for financial issues.

B. The Council member represents the Society on issues of archival policy, such as education, publications and standards, in which SAA and ACA have a mutual interest; and on issues where coordination of efforts is desirable, such as the work of the nominating committees.

IV. Reporting Procedures

The Council member prepares an annual report to Council in accordance with established procedures and reports to Council when necessary throughout the year.

V. Meetings

The SAA Council member meets with ACA at the SAA's Annual Meeting and at special meetings called by the ACA when appropriate. The Executive Director may also attend ACA meetings as appropriate.

VI. Related SAA Bodies

A. Committee on Education

B. Archival Educators Roundtable

C. Standards Committee


Approved by Council: September 1991
Revised: August 6, 2012