Annual Meeting Audio and Video Recording Policy

The following are criteria considered for the selection of annual meeting sessions to be taped. These criteria are applied by the Executive Director in consultation with the Program Committee:

  1. Session Attendance: The higher the projected attendance, the more likely the session content will be in demand and therefore recorded. Anticipated attendance is projected by the Program Committee and staff based on past experience and is measured through the Annual Meeting attendance sheets. 
  2. Session Topic: The broader the topic appeal the more likely it contains widespread appeal and therefore will be recorded.
  3. Special Session: The presentation by a prominent speaker and/or of a special topic.
  4. Accommodate Attendees with Disabilities: The recording of sessions by attendees with disabilities is considered to be a reasonable accommodation. A session presenter makes oral presentations in various formats and for attendees who find it difficult to handwrite notes or make notations in a personal laptop computer, recording of oral or visual presentations is an allowable reasonable alternative.
  5. Presenter Permission: All sessions for which unanimous presenter permission exists will be recorded. SAA will present notices to all session chairs and speakers stating that their participation in the session implies consent to be recorded.  The notice will contain an “opt-out” form with which any chair or presenter can notify SAA that s/he does not wish to be recorded.  SAA will not record any chair or presenter who has opted out.


Approved by the Council: June 14, 1996
Revised: February 2008; May 2016