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Scope Note: 
Consideration or review of the past of the institution, usually from a scholarly perspective and contained in secondary sources.
Use Note: 
Distinguish between "history" and events now considered to be "historical." Works written about the institution that concentrate on the past are "history" and are distinct from contemporary records from periods that might be the subject of such study.
Hierarchical Relationships
Use For: 
History of the University
University History
Source Term: 
Alumni and alumnae -- History (LCSH)
Benefactors -- History (LCSH)
Chaplains -- History (LCSH)
Employees -- History (LCSH)
Faculty -- History (LCSH)
Freshmen -- History (LCSH)
Graduate students-- History (LCSH)
Histories (CWR TUT)
History (LCSH)
History of the University (Chapman)
Inception (MHC)
Presidents -- History (LCSH)
Students -- History (LCSH)
University History (UIll)

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