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This work is dedicated in love and gratitude to Kevin and Edna Bowers.

The editor is grateful for the support of colleagues at Harvard University and throughout the archival community. She thanks Liz Andrews of MIT in particular for helping to resolve difficulties with the administrative section.

"Facet” Editors
Liz Andrews, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Kate Lewis, Chapman University
Jeffrey Makala, Wesleyan University and University of South Carolina
Melinda McMartin, Ferris State University
Josh Schneider, University of California Berkeley

Commentators/Sources of Terms
Mary Caldera, Yale University
Stuart Campbell, Chicago State University
Len Coombs, University of Michigan
Deborah Day, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Jim Duffin, University of Pennsylvania
Jackie Esposito, Penn State
Rebecca Hankins, Texas A&M
John Hickey, Ithaca College
Claudia Horn, Chapman University
Lianne Keary, Colby-Sawyer College
Kurt Kuss, California State University, Sacramento
Susan Moore, University of Northern Iowa
Sammie L. Morris, Purdue University
Christopher J. Prom, University of Illinois
Kerstin Ringdahl, Pacific Lutheran University
Kelsy M. Shepherd, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Society of American Archivists
Teresa Brinati, Director of Publishing
Caryn Radick, Copyeditor
Peter Wosh, Chair, Publications Board Chair

Thesaurus for Use in College and University Archives