Major Standards and Guidelines Adopted by SAA from 1972 to 1994

  1. NARS-SAA Specifications for Permanent/Durable Paper for Carbon Copies (American Archivist, 35:1)
  2. Standards on Appraisal of Gifts (American Archivist, 37:1)
  3. Guidelines for Grant Endorsements (American Archivist, 39:2)
  4. Statement on Reproduction of Manuscripts (American Archivist, 39:3)
  5. Preservation and Use of Theses and Dissertations (American Archivist, 40:1)
  6. Guidelines for a Graduate Minor (American Archivist, 41:1)
  7. ALA-SAA Joint Statement on Access to Original Research Materials (American Archivist, 42:4)
  8. College and University Archives Guidelines (American Archivist, 43:2)
  9. Code of Ethics (American Archivist, 43:3)
  10. Guidelines for a Practicum (American Archivist, 43:3)
  11. Business Archives Consultant Guidelines (Council action June 8, 1983)
  12. Archival Education Guidelines (Council action June 6, 1987)
  13. Second Edition of Archives, Personal Papers, and Manuscripts (American Archivist, 52:4)
  14. Code of Ethics for Archivists (Archival Outlook, September 1992)
  15. Guidelines Regarding Thefts in Libraries (Archival Outlook, January 1993)
  16. Guidelines for Security of Rare Book, Manuscript, and Other Special Collections (Archival Outlook, January 1993)
  17. Guidelines for Borrowing Special Collections Materials for Exhibition (Archival Outlook, January 1993)
  18. Guidelines for the Evaluation of Archival Institutions (Archival Outlook, March 1994)
  19. Guidelines for the Development of a Curriculum for a Master of Archival Studies Degree (Archival Outlook, September 1994)
  20. Revised ALA-SAA Joint Statement on Access to Original Research Materials (Archival Outlook, September 1994)

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