A&D Examinations

Examination Policies

All course examinations are online, in multiple-choice format, and pass/fail. A passing grade is 85% in accordance with accepted graduate school grading scales.

After completing the exam, you'll receive immediate notification of your pass/fail status, as well as any questions you answered incorrectly.

Please be sure to print the page with your exam results for your records and record them on your tracking sheet. SAA will record your results internally but won't send out an email confirmation of your results.

Examination Options

Take an In-Person Course

  • Upon verification of your attendance at an in-person course, SAA will send you a link to the exam (included in your course registration fee). You will have access to the exam for one week from the time the link is sent.
  • Once you begin the exam, you will have one hour (one-day course) or two hours (two-day course) to complete it.

Test Out (Foundational tier only)

More knowledgeable students may choose to test out of any Foundational course. You'll have two opportunities to pass the exam. If you fail both times, you'll need to take the course in order to try the exam again. Exams for this purpose may be purchased here. The challenge exam fee will not be refunded in the even that you fail the exam.

Watch a Webcast

  • One exam is included with each webcast purchase. Access to both the webcast and the exam will expire 60 days from the purchase date.
  • Once you begin the exam, you will have 30 minutes to complete it. You will have two opportunities to pass the exam.

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