Open Call for Comments: SAA Foundation Strategic Plan FY23-25

April 11, 2022—The SAA Foundation Board seeks comments by April 29 on a draft of the new SAA Foundation Strategic Plan for fiscal years 2023–2025.

The Foundation Board began drafting its first strategic plan in fall 2021, following recommendations from development consultants to further the foundation's growth. This proposed draft gathers both ongoing and new activities, with many connections to the SAA Strategic Plan and the new SAA Work Plan on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility.

The SAAF Strategic Plan will guide the SAA Foundation's priorities and initiatives for the next three years, with the overall goal of expanding the foundation's capacities to fulfill its mission to further the archives profession. Once this document is approved, the SAA Foundation will then seek to develop a dashboard detailing the specific activities to accomplish each year to achieve these goals. 

The SAA Foundation Board welcomes your comments, questions, and suggestions on any part of this document to ensure it reflects the needs and priorities of SAA, the Foundation, and the profession.

[DRAFT] SAA FoundationStrategic Plan (FY 2023–2025)



Comment on the draft strategic Plan by Friday, April 29:

  • Post a comment publicly on this webpage (below; login to access).


Related Documents (for reference):

SAA Strategic Plan

SAA Work Plan on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (.pdf)

SAA Statement on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

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27 Comment(s) to the "Open Call for Comments: SAA Foundation Strategic Plan FY23-25"
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I'm particularly interested

I'm particularly interested in the initiatives focusing on a specific area from the plan - advocacy, DEI, etc.  It would be great to see more resources dedicated to this area. Perhaps ChatGPT could help identify trends to support the need for further investment.

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I have read all of your content and calls. I personally a sedecordle lot agree with this call and hope everyone will support it. I will continue to follow your call to see how it turns out.

FARUK says:

Exciting times ahead for SAA Foundation! Can't wait to see the impact of these strategic plans unfold. Kudos to the team for their hard work. love it notepad online

101194 says:
I appreciate and excited to

I appreciate and excited to see how this plan will contribute to the growth and wordle unlimited impact of the foundation.

rosie says:

The initiative to draft the strategic plan based on recommendations from development consultants is a positive step toward fostering the foundation's connections game growth.

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crucial role

The SAA Foundation plays a crucial role in nurturing the professional development of archivists and advancing the practice of archives. The Foundation's initiatives in the coming years will be directed by its strategic plan for FY23–25. Therefore, it is imperative that the plan reflects the needs and objectives of the archival community to ensure its effectiveness and relevance. doodle baseball

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I can analyze the plan, buckshot roulette identify potential strengths and weaknesses, and suggest constructive feedback based on my understanding of archival best practices and the needs of the community.

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I hope that this plan will be implemented successfully slope and attract a lot of support from everyone.

100900 says:
I am grateful for the chance

I am grateful for the chance to review the draft of the new SAA Foundation Strategic Plan for fiscal years 2023-2025. I think the plan is clear and concise and reflects the foundation's vision and values. I especially like the goals of building resilient archival communities, supporting the full diversity of archivists, archives, and communities, and fostering collaborative relationships and leveraging resources. I think these goals are relevant and important for the archival field. I have no major issues or questions, but I would like to see more examples or case studies on how the foundation will implement and achieve its goals. I look forward to seeing the final plan and supporting the foundation's programs.retro bowl

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The SAA Foundation plays a

The SAA Foundation plays a critical role in supporting the professional development of archivists and advancing the field of archival practice. The Foundation's strategic plan for FY23-25 will guide its work over the next several years, and it's crucial that the plan reflects the needs and priorities of the archival community. Regards from painters edmond ok team.

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Can someone shed some light

Can someone shed some light on this for me?

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The Goals are not necessarily

The Goals are not necessarily identified in priority order, but are numbered to enable easy reference.

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98553 says:
The SAA Foundation is

The SAA Foundation is essential in fostering archivists' professional growth and expanding the field of archive practice. The Foundation's activity over the following several years will be guided by its strategic plan for FY23–25, thus it is critical that the plan takes the needs and goals of the archive community into consideration. From the roofing contractors venice, regards.

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