Open Call for Comments: SAA Foundation Strategic Plan FY23-25

April 11, 2022—The SAA Foundation Board seeks comments by April 29 on a draft of the new SAA Foundation Strategic Plan for fiscal years 2023–2025.

The Foundation Board began drafting its first strategic plan in fall 2021, following recommendations from development consultants to further the foundation's growth. This proposed draft gathers both ongoing and new activities, with many connections to the SAA Strategic Plan and the new SAA Work Plan on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility.

The SAAF Strategic Plan will guide the SAA Foundation's priorities and initiatives for the next three years, with the overall goal of expanding the foundation's capacities to fulfill its mission to further the archives profession. Once this document is approved, the SAA Foundation will then seek to develop a dashboard detailing the specific activities to accomplish each year to achieve these goals. 

The SAA Foundation Board welcomes your comments, questions, and suggestions on any part of this document to ensure it reflects the needs and priorities of SAA, the Foundation, and the profession.

[DRAFT] SAA FoundationStrategic Plan (FY 2023–2025)



Comment on the draft strategic Plan by Friday, April 29:

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