Council Resolution: Mosaic Program Task Force


 Society of American Archivists

Council Resolution

Honoring the

SAA Diversity Committee’s

Mosaic Program Task Force 


WHEREAS in October 2010 SAA President Helen Tibbo appointed a Task Force of the Diversity Committee to support the strategic priority related to Diversity; and

WHEREAS the Task Force was charged to 1) develop a proposal regarding what the Mosaic Program might be and 2) prepare a work plan for achieving that vision; and

WHEREAS that charge also included evolving the Mosaic Scholarship into a program that encompasses a broad set of activities, including conference attendance, enhanced mentoring, and cohort development; and

WHEREAS the Task Force, chaired by Terry Baxter, with members María R. Estorino, Bergis Jules, Debra Kimok, and Farris Wahbeh, worked to create a vision for the Mosaic Program; and

WHEREAS the work resulted in a partnership with the Association of Research Libraries (ARL); and

WHEREAS the partnership resulted in grant funding from the Institute of Museum and Library Services as a result of a collaboration between Bergis Jules, Task Force member, and Mark Puente, senior director of Diversity and Leadership Programs at ARL; and  

WHEREAS in 2013 the ARL/SAA Mosaic Program was established; and

WHEREAS the vision from the Diversity Committee and success in attaining funding resulted in diversification of the archives and special collections professional workforce, mentoring, and leadership development; and

WHEREAS the success of the Mosaic Program has resulted in 34 fellows and an increase in the diversity of SAA leadership; 

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that Terry Baxter, María R. Estorino, Bergis Jules, Debra Kimok, and Farris Wahbeh be honored with a 2020 SAA Council Exemplary Service Award for their long-standing commitment to diversity in the archives and special collections profession, especially through the vision of expanding the Mosaic Scholarship and support of the ARL/SAA Mosaic Program.


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