Council Exemplary Service Award: Mark Puente

Society of American Archivists

Council Exemplary Service Award


Mark A. Puente


WHEREAS Mark Puente has been actively involved with diversity and leadership development since the beginning of his library career; and

WHEREAS while serving as director and senior director of Diversity and Leadership Programs at the Association of Research Libraries (ARL), he advocated for and taught about diversity recruitment strategies, racial equity, networking, and residency programs in academic libraries; and

WHEREAS in 2013, and in subsequent extensions through 2021, he administered grants from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) to establish multiple diversity initiatives in partnership with professional associations, including the ARL/SAA Mosaic Program whose goal was to recruit and retain emerging professionals from historically underrepresented racial and ethnic minority groups; and

WHEREAS the ARL/SAA Mosaic Program provided financial support, practical work experience, mentoring, career placement assistance, and leadership development to 34 individuals in eight cohorts, contributing to a more diversified and inclusive archives and special collections workforce;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that Mark A. Puente be honored with a 2020 SAA Council Exemplary Service Award for his long-standing commitment to diversity in the archives and special collections profession, and especially for his outstanding leadership of the ARL/SAA Mosaic Program.

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