Council Exemplary Service Award: Lori Lindberg

 Society of American Archivists

Council Exemplary Service Award


Lori Lindberg


WHEREAS Lori Lindberg has been actively involved in the academic and archival professions, championing archival education as a member of the SAA Education Committee, the SAA DAS Subcommittee and as a longtime university faculty member;

WHEREAS serving as a lecturer at San Jose State University and other institutions, she advocates for education in archival science, records management, and digital preservation; and

WHEREAS she conducted extensive research to map 15 courses to the ACA and ICRM exam to create curriculum; and

WHEREAS she designed 15 weeks of lessons for each course using the SAA Code of Ethics, SAA Core Values, and her wealth of teaching experience and subject expertise; and

WHEREAS her work led to the creation of the first independent accredited Master of Archives and Records Administration (MARA) degree program in the United States; and

WHEREAS in 2008 the MARA degree at San Jose State University accepted enrollment of its first class; and

WHEREAS in 2010 and 2012 she received the WISE (Web-based Information Science Education) Consortium's Excellence in Online Teaching Award upon student recommendation after experiencing her course content and teaching effectiveness;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that Lori Lindberg be honored with a 2020 Council Exemplary Service Award for her long-standing commitment to archival education and the betterment of archives professionals that has contributed to the modernization of the archives and digital curation curriculum.

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100508 says:

the advancement of archivists, which has aided in the curriculum's modernization for digital curation and archives geometry dash