Call to Action #4: Why I Am an Archivist

In past months, the calls to action for the “Year of Living Dangerously for Archives” have focused on the value that others find in archives.  Now it’s time to talk about the value WE see in what we do.  Whether you came into this profession intentionally, by way of a related profession, or by some unforeseen path, there is a reason why you have decided to stay.  Please take a few minutes (now!) to think about why you are an archivist and to share your reflections with us.  

Add your comment to our post on Facebook. You can also post it to Twitter (#WhyIAmAnArchivist), or send your statement (of 500 words or fewer) to  If you’d prefer to share your story by YouTube or other medium, just alert us (via where to find it.  We’d like to share your submission with others; if you would prefer that we not do that, please specify that in your message.     

So let the conversation begin:  Why are you an archivist?