Tips on Pitching an Article Idea Within Your Organization

Approach your institution’s website or newsletter editor or public relations department with an idea for an article that draws attention to your archives and records.

Link your article idea to an organizational milestone or a “cool” item:

  • An anniversary
  • The founder’s birthday
  • Invention of a process or tool related to your organization
  • Your favorite artifact within the collection

Link your article idea to a nationally celebrated day, week, or month that is related to your holdings:

  • Black History Month (February)
  • Women’s History Month (March)
  • American Archives Month (October)
  • Electronic Records Day (10/10)
  • Veterans Day (November 11)

Hold an open house or tour of the archives for staff.

Engage staff throughout your organization by inviting them to participate in a trivia contest on your internal website.  Make sure they have to consult the archives for the correct answers! Publish the results on the website.

Your newsletter or website editor or public relations person will be interested in what’s fun, unusual, or timely about your article idea.  The following qualities may make your idea more newsworthy:

  • The story generates compelling images.
  • An elected official or celebrity will be present.
  • It is an absolute first.
  • You are able to tell a story of struggle, triumph, or justice.
  • Your idea relates to a major news story of the day.