2022-12-08 Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

Agenda and Minutes

December 8, 2022


Susan Paterson (Chair)
Corinne Chatnik (Vice-Chair)
Allison Fischbach (Secretary)
Amanda Greenwood (Education Coordinator) 


Mara Friedman (Student Member)

Agenda items:


  • Marketing and Communications Manager role division
  • One of Amanda’s goals for this year is to push scholarship and promote the section and web archiving on Twitter. Web archiving is an important source of communication.
  • Rosie used Tweetdeck to schedule tweets
  • Allison commented that it might get disjointed if 2 separate people are doing Twitter and Blog. Amanda will be point person for the blog, Corinne will be point person for the Twitter. Corinne has marked to tweet every Wednesday on her calendar until August 2023. At least 3 listserv notices per event
  • Keeping statistics of engagement with blog, microsite, Twitter, and events. 
  • Actions Item: Allison will create a spreadsheet document for keeping 2022-2023 stats. Susan will add stats for Ian Milligan’s coffee chat. 
  • Action Item: Allison will post meeting minutes and update the microsite to include officer information under “About” and “Election Information” and add a news item.

SAA 2023 program proposal (general information)

  • Details on the call for proposals, starting Nov. 15th ARCHIVES * RECORDS 2023: Call for Program Proposals | Society of American Archivists - Deadline extended until Dec. 9
  • SAA Google Spreadsheet Unofficial Program Suggestions and Connections. 

General Announcement: SAA Awards and Nominations

  • “The Society of American Archivists annually recognizes leaders and achievers in the field of archives. SAA offers a variety of professional recognitions and financial assistance through an awards competition, student scholarships, and the naming of Fellows. The deadline for submitting a nomination or application is February 28.”

General section business

Blog and Twitter


  • Post from Daniel Gomez on Arquivo.pt posted by Amanda on 11/18 
  • Action Item: Susan will write a recap of Ian Milligan’s Coffee Chat for December/January with links to recordings.
  • Authors are lined up for December and February. Anyone want to write for January?

Twitter: https://twitter.com/WebArch_RT 

  • Word from SAA on moving away from Twitter?
  • Posting events/ #WebArchivingWednesday/ retweets/ conferences/ tools
  • Use scheduler (Tweetdeck)
  • Brainstorm ideas!
  • Twitter login information

Old/Continuing Business

Coffee Chats:

  • Recap Ian Milligan’s talk on Dec.6th - Action Item: Susan will write up blog post hopefully for Dec. 
  • Amanda emailed Julien Masanes, any updates? No updates yet! Action Item: Amanda will try again.
  • One of the “oldest” web archiving professionals, wrote the first book on web archiving in 2006. What was web archiving like in the past, and where does he see web archiving going? 
  • Collaboration with Description Group, maybe Caitlin Birch Caitlin Birch (@preserCAITion) / Twitter (BPE Presentation Description)
  • Caitlin Birch connected Corinne with Julia Logan, Assistant Archivist for Acquisitions at Dartmouth, regarding questions about web appraisal. 
  • Action Item: Amanda will contact for January blog post
  • Any interest in participating on Catholic U’s LIS Alumni panel discussion in January about building and managing digital cultural heritage collection? Contact Hannah Jones. 
  • They are happy to do most of the work, we could make it into a Coffee Chat if interested. 
  • Decision: turn down offer to co-host given the time constraints and how little we know about plans for the event.
  • Idea from Amanda to host an informal, committee coffee chat panel on web archiving projects and careers. Including members and steering committee members. Will think about in 2023. 
  • Action Item: Amanda and Allison will write a brief description of what they may discuss on panel. Susan will forward to Hannah.

Annual Meeting Ideas

  • Annual meeting collaboration with Ellen Engseth (SAA International Archival Affairs) and Kim Hoffman (SAA Preservation Section) re: preserving Ukrainian web content
  • Updates from Susan and Amanda on hosting a joint meeting with the International Archival Affairs steering committee, possibly before Annual Meeting.
  • SUCHO responded and asked for most logistical details, but agreed to participate in the Annual Meeting. Group agreed that this would be more appropriate for an annual meeting as opposed to a Coffee Chat. 
  • Action Item: Corinne will respond to SUCHO, and reach out to Ellen Engseth and Kim Hoffman initially before sending an email to SUCHO group. 
  • Other groups to collaborate with or speakers to invite?

Adjourned: 11:03 PST / 2:03 EST