2022-06-23 Steering Committee Meeting Minutes


Melissa Wertheimer (Chair)

Kiera Sullivan (Secretary)

Rosemary Grant (Marketing and Communications Manager)

Amanda Greenwood (Student Member)

Susan Paterson (Vice-Chair)


Ryder Kouba (Education Coordinator)

Agenda items:


  • Amanda presented at RBMS conference on June 22nd.
  • Melissa presented at IIPC on May 25th (with Tom Smyth). Videos will be available on YouTube in July.

Old/Continuing Business

  • Communications updates: blog, social media, listserv (Rosie)
  • Listserv: Posting calls for presenters for the August section meeting. 
  • Rosie asked if we should be posting calls more than once per week at this point. Melissa suggested that we should put it on the listserv multiple times per week due to the time crunch. The deadline for presenters to contact us is July 1. We are likely going to extend that because our meeting isn’t until August.
  • Melissa created a folder for our Elections. Includes text for our listserv posts, and the form for people to fill out. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1v_Wi9e6e8BMtIDssJiOnWtTMrRjVjm4yVd77qZE... The deadline for people to fill it out is June 29. We need to get our slate to Felicia by June 30. Rosie said she will put it in the blog and share the link everywhere.
  • Melissa stated that our priorities for posting to the listserv are: 1) Elections, 2) Joint Section Meeting Speakers, 3) Attending Joint Section Meeting
  • Rosie asked if there was already a link in place for registering to attend the section meeting (virtual). Registration link.
  • ACTION: Rosie will send us the different links/listserv stuff so we can share out.
  • Twitter: Still posting, reposting, getting reposted, etc. Susan wrote a recap for the Tom Smythe coffee chat and it has been reposted in several places.
  • Blog: Rosie noted that this is not a priority at the moment, but if anyone was interested in working on a roundup post (discussed last meeting), please feel free to compile links.
  • Melissa asked when blog post about elections can go up and Rosie indicated that it is ready for us to review.
  • ACTION: Kiera to email Rosie to tell her ok to publish.
  • Melissa said we should try to get the blog post about elections reposted in any regional groups’ blogs. ACTION: post blog link in MARAC (Melissa), Facebook (Melissa), NYAC (Amanda), Midwest Archives Conference (Amanda), SCA (Kiera). 
  • Melissa asked if we have any stats about engagement/readership. Rosie said people have been interacting with the call for proposals post, but not responding. She wondered if we should change the language up a bit. Melissa stated that the call is for anything about web archiving in the performing arts field. We can eliminate some language, but make sure we leave in the deadline and how to submit. Kiera suggested adding a brief line at the end of the call saying they can contact us by email if they have any questions. Melissa said it was ok to include her email.
  • ACTION: Rosie to work on the call for proposals post and incorporate these changes.
  • Joint Meeting speakers (Melissa)
  • Melissa created a list of people for us to invite to speak at our meeting: Joint section meeting presenter invitations - Google Docs
  • We were waiting for the Performing Arts Section’s “ok” before contacting the people on the list. ACTION: Tomorrow 6/24 Kiera will reach out to the DCPL person and Melissa will reach out to the others, using the draft language from last year’s invitation for presenters. Deadline for them to respond will be July 1. Susan, Cecily, and Katalin will be cc’d on all of them, and we will request that invitees “reply all” when they respond.

New Business

  • Call for open Steering Committee seats (Melissa)
  • See above (listserv discussion). Melissa stated that we are in a bit of a time crunch, and all but the Chair position are up for election because of the way the terms work. 
  • Melissa suggested to Susan that she might want to consider changing the Communications and/or Education Coordinator position(s) to a 2 year term.
  • The slate needs to be posted on our microsite. A full slate is at least one candidate per position. Melissa’s deadline to get the link to Felicia Owens is June 30. This is the day she leaves the country. The plan is:
  • If we do not get a full slate by June 28 - Melissa will email Felicia Owens (Governance Program Manager) fowens@archivists.org to ask for an extension. Susan will be cc’d on the email, and will be Felicia’s point of contact from June 29-July 8 when Melissa returns.
  • Then, if a slate materializes before July 8 when Melissa returns, Susan will send Felicia the link to the microsite page with the slate. If it materializes after July 8, Melissa will email the link to Felicia.
  • If a slate materializes before June 30, Susan will send Felicia the link to the microsite page with the slate on June 30.
  • The microsite is the section’s page on the SAA website. A page needs to be created in the microsite for our list of candidates. We can copy/paste/edit last year’s post to create this year’s one. We then share this link with Felicia.
  • Best email for Susan: susan.paterson@ubc.ca

Meeting adjourned at 3:52pm PACIFIC / 6:52pm EASTERN.

Summary of action items:

  • ACTION: Rosie will send us the different links/listserv stuff so we can share out.
  • ACTION: Call for presenters blog post - Kiera to email Rosie to tell her ok to publish.
  • ACTION: Call for presenters blog post - share blog link with MARAC (Melissa), Facebook (Melissa), NYAC (Amanda), Midwest Archives Conference (Amanda), SCA (Kiera).
  • ACTION: Invitees to present - Kiera will reach out to the DCPL person and Melissa will reach out to the others on 6/24.