2021-09-27 Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

 Agenda and Minutes

September 27, 2021

Melissa Wertheimer (Chair)
Susan Paterson (Vice-Chair)
Rosemary Grant (Marketing and Communications Manager)
Amanda Greenwood (Student Member)
Kiera Sullivan (Secretary)
Absent: Ryder Kouba (Education Coordinator)

I. News/Questions/Announcements: Introductions

  • Melissa (she/her/hers) - Chair. Library of Congress. Subject specialist for performing arts and sole web archiving curator for performing arts. This year, hoping to bring dedication to the team, and to keep up the momentum from last year. 
  • Susan (she/her/hers) - Vice-Chair. University of British Columbia. Government Publications Librarian and Subject Specialist for French Language and Literature, Government Publications, and Social Work. New to SAA! Works heavily with web archiving, particularly government information web pages. Joined the section to engage with this community of people doing web archiving work. Hoping we can be productive this year. 
  • Rosemary (she/her/hers) - Communications Manager. University of Maryland for College of Arts & Humanities. Also a part time student in the MLIS program with 1 year left. Focus: digital archives and curation. New to the archives profession, with loads of experience in communication and marketing. 
  • Amanda (she/her/hers) - Student Member. Studying archives/library science at University at Albany and working for Special Collections & Archives. Was awarded a web archiving graduate assistantship and became really interested in web archiving. Now working on collections, reference, and preservation of physical materials, and still really drawn to web archiving. Doing a talk at the Archive-It partner meeting coming up! 
  • Kiera (she/her/hers) - Secretary.County of San Diego - new job, started 2 weeks ago. Previously University Records Processor at UC San Diego Special Collections & Archives.Hoping that the coffee chats can continue, and hoping to include things like demonstrations of tools. 
  • Ryder - Education Coordinator. (not present at meeting) 

II. General section business, responsibilities, and goals for the year

  • Section Google Drive: The team all checked to make sure they had access to the space. Melissa explained that this is where we keep all of our minutes, ideas, and working materials. The previous years’ folders are there and are good for reference. 
  • ACTION: Kiera will organize our material into a folder for this year. 
  • Rosemary asked about Twitter access and blog access. Melissa stated that she will touch on this momentarily. Melissa stated that we all should have access to the microsite, and that you must log in with SAA credentials to access. It is our job to update and maintain this space. Kiera noted that Matt Black on the SAA team can help if you have any access or log in issues. 
  • ACTION: Melissa will reach out to Matt Black and make sure that we all have access (editing rights, etc.) to the microsite. 

III. Blog

  • Melissa mentioned that she had previously included Rose on an email thread with April Feldman. This email thread included current login information. Rose asked who has editing access for the blog. Melissa answered that it is just the one person. Last year, the Communications Manager was responsible for the blog, and the Student Member was responsible for the Twitter account (with input from the Education Coordinator). Kiera noted that these responsibilities were decided at our first meeting last year. We can divide the responsibilities however we would like to. Melissa noted that from a security standpoint, we would want to avoid sharing login credentials. Amanda and Rose discussed the division of responsibilities. Decision: Amanda will be the primary for the Blog. Rose will be the primary for the Twitter account. 
  • ACTION: Melissa will resend the informational email (re: blog, Twitter, logins, etc.) to both Rose and Amanda. 
  • Blog: Melissa explained that last year we introduced ourselves in a first post by talking about a web archive collection that we like. Then we tried to solicit blog posts from the section membership. Kiera added that we had a sign up list for blog posts and we also send out periodic calls for submissions to the listserv. 
  • Melissa shared her goal that our blog be even more active this year. Since she is a member of IIPC, it is a great opportunity to amplify what IIPC does (#webarchivewednesday, etc.) Amanda confirmed her understanding of the following: Goal is 1-2 posts per month in the blog. We will solicit blog posts from section members. Whenever a blog post is posted, Rose will advertise it on the lists. Melissa confirmed this is accurate. 
  •  Amanda suggested a purposeful effort to get participation from SNAP section. The group agreed this is an excellent idea. 
  • ACTION: Kiera will make a new Blog Content folder for this year. 

IV. Twitter

  • Melissa mentioned that the Twitter handle is webarch_RT. 
  • Melissa reiterated that visibility on Web Archive Wednesday is a big goal for her this year. She provided the following examples of things we can highlight via Twitter: Web archiving in the news Cool things that get posted in our listserv,  New collections 
  • Rose confirmed her understanding of the following: she will schedule Twitter posts, make Twitter posts, and advertise new blog posts on the SAA discussion lists. Melissa confirmed this is accurate and mentioned that we usually always post to Web Archiving and Announcements, and can post to others as appropriate. 
  • Melissa stated that posts on the Web Archiving Section discussion list is our main method of communication with the wider section. 

Old/Continuing Business

  • Coffee Chats Melissa shared that coffee chats were a main part of our section engagement last year. Melissa mentioned that SAA Council is encouraging section collaborations this year. Coffee chats are a great way to do this. 
  • Susan asked if you had to be an SAA member to attend. Melissa and Kiera said nope, anyone/everyone welcome! The group agreed that coffee chats based on collaborations are a great idea. 
  • Amanda suggested promotion of other web archiving tools (outside of Archive-It) ACTION: Kiera will create a running coffee chat ideas doc. 
  •  ACTION: All will add to the coffee chat ideas doc. Melissa said that she will send out personal invitations to our SAA Council liaison for all of our events, chats, etc.

The meeting was adjourned.