2017-02-15 Steering Committee Minutes

Web Archiving Section Steering Committee – Minutes

February 15, 2017, 9am PST/noon EST
Present: John Bence, Todd Suomela, Michelle Schabowski, Karl-Rainer Blumenthal, Alexis Antracoli, Rachel Taketa

1. Jeff Bailey webinar - March 8, 2017

  • Official name – Intro to Web Archive APIs
  • Will be recorded
    • Action: Alexis will email the listserv with announcement and create a google doc to collect email addresses/registrations. Michelle will tweet about the event at various intervals and Todd will repurpose Alexis' email to the blog

2. Membership Survey results

  • Many positive responses for a hands-on workshop/training event in the future
    • Action: Alexis will write up prospectus on live training ideas for committee to think about – email to the committee
  • The blog Roundup is widely used by members – suggestion made to have the committee as a whole recommend links/readings instead of just one person.
    • Action: Committee members will send good links through email/listserv and Todd will compile for blog roundup

3. Annual Section Meeting – Topics and format for presentations

  • Possible formats:
    • A hands-on workshop
    • 3 person panel (small org, medium org, large org) with moderated discussion around the EOT theme - Sheri (large state effort), a small spontaneous effort, a medium sized effort, etc. Short presentation with extended QA try to make the panel more participatory and to keep conversation going
    • Action: John will contact Sheri Laster; Karl will contact someone from EOT and Portland DataRefuge project. Committee will keep thinking about possible section meeting ideas.

4. Web Archiving Section microsite content

  • Todd is cleaning up content and will make it clearer where items live – will share updates on email
    • Action: Committee will send any additional thoughts about use of microsite to Todd

Next meeting March 15, 2017 - 9am PST/Noon EST