2016-09-15 Steering Committee Minutes

Web Archiving Roundtable Steering Committee Minutes

September 15, 2016

Present: John Bence, Karl-Rainer Blumenthal, Rachel Taketa, Alexis Antracoli, Michelle Schabowski
Absent: Todd Suomela

1) Introductions and overview of the Roundtable

  • New committee members introduced themselves and spoke about their relationship with web archiving

2) John reviewed the roles and responsibilities of the Steering Committee:

  • Meets monthly
  • Vice Chair (Karl-Rainer Blumenthal) shadows the Chair (John Bence) in preparation for the Chair position the following year
  • Secretary (Rachel Taketa) keeps minutes and records, reporting requirements, solicits agenda items monthly
  • Education Coordinator (Alexis Antracoli) implements webinars/hangouts/trainings for members. Opportunity to rethink model of education done in the past
  • Social Media Manager and Web Liaison (Michelle Schabowski and Todd Suomela) publicize the Roundtable and extend our reach within the archival community. Twitter seems to have most traction but we can think about expanding into other platforms.

New Business:

1) Possible bylaws changes regarding the Toolbox Committee

  • The current bylaws include a ‘toolbox committee’ that acts adjacent to the Roundtable to advise on tools and best practices for web archiving. This committee never got off the ground in that capacity - mostly gathered articles and URLs for the web archiving roundup blog posts. Karl suggested this committee position (if retained) could be the liaison to other special interest groups looking at best practices.
    • Action: John will draft new bylaws to reflect a more ad hoc toolbox committee formation. Bylaws may be ready for review by October 2016 meeting.

2) Webinar with Jefferson Bailey from Archive-It

  • Had been postponed from last year
    • Action: John will reach out to Anna Perricci (former Education Coordinator) or Jefferson to see if the webinar is still something we want to move forward with.

3) Input and comments to Standards Committees

  • John started discussion about the Roundtable’s opportunity for input on new archival description standards and whether to position ourselves to comment from the web archiving perspective. Example - The International Council on Archives (ICA) draft of their new Archival Description Standards - ICA-EGAD-RIC-CM.
    • Action: Committee members should take a look at the ICA model to get a feel for these new standards and whether we need to comment more formally as a Roundtable

4) Discussion of activities for the year:

  • Audience: Who makes up the Roundtable membership?
    • People with an interest in web archiving or who see a potential growth area in their archives/collections
    • A lot of people listening and lurking through social media but not a lot of participation on certain educational offerings
    • Beginning web archivers make up a large group along with a smaller, vocal minority of experts and more technically savvy developers
  • What do we think the membership needs/wants?
    • Alexis discussed the idea of a survey to members to see what they are interested in. One was completed a few years ago and could definitely use an update.
    • Karl noted the needs vary greatly between fully staffed web archiving projects vs lone arrangers… How can the Roundtable provide the correct resources to each segment of the community?
    • Action: John will send the old survey around to committee for review and reboot and will invite the committee to the google drive space for collaboration and document storage.

Next meeting

Wednesday, October 19, 2016 – 9am PST/12 Noon EST
John will send an invite