SNAP Steering Committee Meeting Minutes - 2018/06/13


SNAP Steering Committee 2017-2018

Meeting 9: June 13, 2018

Time: 5:30PM PT / 7:30PM CT/ 8:30PM ET

Attending: Katie Rojas, Adriana Flores, Gayle Schechter, Rachel Fellman, Brenna Edwards


  1. New Meeting Platform: Talky
    1. We began the meeting on the new platform, Talky, but people were getting kicked off the call so we switched to Skype.
    2. If anyone has suggestions for other platforms, please let Katie know. The main concern is that we have a platform that supports large enough calls for all our committee members to join.
  2. FYI: Council May meeting minutes and approved budget for FY19 available
    2. They approved the budget for FY19. You have to log in to see the results
  3. BlogERS Update
    1. Katie was in touch with Kelly from the Electronic Resources section and she plans on drafting up language for the call to interviewers. She’ll be happy to share that with us. They might create a Google form for people to fill out. They’ll match people. They’ll recruit interviewees as well. The ERS hasn’t met yet to see what they think.
    2. They’ll be doing a lot of the work and we can just help promote and re-blog.
    3. Let Katie know if you have any questions or comments
  4. Student Fund Update
    1. Elena is going to send our current version of the proposal draft out to the wider SNAP committee for feedback and input before submitting it to Felicia for feedback.
  5. 2018-2019 Steering Committee Election
    1. We have enough nominees! Yay! Link on the microsite to see all of the candidates and their statements
    2. Ballot will go live June 15-ish and will be open for 2 weeks. Katie will be posting stuff to the listserv during this time also to encourage voting. Please share microsite content of candidate statements on blog, & promote voting on social media regularly.
    3. SAA Leaders list thread “Wisdom on Gathering Section Election Nominees” was pretty great. Felicia said she is pulling info from it to compile into a section election resource guide for future SAA leaders.
  6. Social Media
    1. We need a Junior Social Media Coordinator
      1. Robina needs to step down so we need to address the new situation.
    2. Amanda was unable to attend the meeting but Katie will contact her about her ideas moving forward.
    3. Team - Brainstorm any improvements or additional support that may be necessary
      1. Perhaps we could have a shared social media calendar/google calendar? It would provide some structure to the posting schedule and keep the rest of us more informed in what’s being posted. That way we can all see things and help promote events on our personal accounts.
  7. SAA Annual Meeting
    1. Stuff to promote:
      1. Section meeting (Wednesday at 4pm)
      2. Ride/roomshare spreadsheet
      3. Lunch buddy spreadsheet
      4. First timer’s guide (on SAA annual meeting site)
      5. Highlights from host committee blog (reblog links)
      6. “Ways to Prepare for Annual Meeting”
      7. Recaps of sessions after meeting - issue call for participants now
        1. This is something we did last year and Katie thinks we should continue doing it.
        2. Link to past call for recap blog posts:
        3. Brenna can work on the spreadsheet and work with the Rachels on blog promotion
        4. New link is here:
      8. Career Center
      9. Navigator Program
      10. I’ve include links above to all of these things so they’re easy to access!
    2. Joint SNAP/MSS section meeting
      1. Collection Mgmt Tool section emailed their members a link to their annual meeting agenda--good idea! Katie will reach out to MSS section folks to draft the meeting agenda.
      2. Live stream or record? The Collection Mgmt Tool section will be and Katie asked them how they’re going about it. Katie may ask Felicia as well about this.
    3. Building a recommended schedule for SNAPers using Sched
      1. Katie did this last year and it was really easy. You just need to log into Sched with the SNAP account and select relevant/interesting events. Then we’d share a link to that.
      2. Adriana offered to work on it. Katie will provide login info, etc.
    4. SAA Happy Hour
      1. SNAPpy Hour! 
      2. Could be a casual get together that we just promote online and at the conference. Adriana will look at the schedule to see if there’s a date/time that makes the most sense.



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