SNAP Steering Committee Meeting Minutes - 02/13/2018

SNAP Steering Committee 2017-2018

Meeting 5: February 13, 2018

Time: 5:30PM PT / 7:30PM CT/ 8:30PM ET

Attending: Katie Rojas, Adriana Flores, Amanda Mellinger, Brenna Edwards, Eve Bourbeau-Allard, Heidi Charles, Rachel Fellman


1- Blog Coordinator

  1. We may need to find a new one (2/23 deadline)
  2. We haven’t heard from Cassie Swayze, our newly appointed Blog Coordinator since she accepted the position. Katie has sent her multiple emails to see if she’s still interested in the position--she has until Feb. 23rd to decide. If she doesn’t reach out, we’ll have to find a new blog coordinator.
  3. If we need to find a new coordinator, Katie will post on the blog and other appropriate places to open up the search again.

2- Storify is shutting down as of May 16, 2018

  1. We need to capture this info and choose another platform for recaps
  2. Example of Storify twitter chat recap:
  3. Potential replacement: Exquisite Tweets:
    1. Won’t curate and store them… but it does a decent job generating them. It would require a bit of work to curate each twitter chat afterwards.
  4. Rachel and Brenna should coordinate with Amanda & Robina to come up with a solution
  5. We should be able to export stuff from Storify. Perhaps we could upload onto the blog? The shutdown will affect all of our past blog posts that included links to Storify.
  6. Amanda says she has the social media & storify log-in information and will investigate what people are saying on Twitter (and elsewhere) about a potential Storify replacement. She says she’ll send out some ideas next weekend.

3- Update on Manuscripts Section collaboration - Joint Section Meeting @ SAA Annual Meeting in August

  1. Panel w/ speakers - Dorothy Berry & Elizabeth Myers, possibly a 3rd
    1. KR had a chat with Rebecca & Ashley yesterday. They have emailed people to do a panel discussion (see above). Melissa Gonzales may be the 3rd panelist (she was a past SNAP chair & SAA mentor for Katie). It’ll be a great panel!
  2. 2nd activity - breakout group discussions
    1. Could be the marketplace activity.
    2. May change, depending on what the end structure looks like
  3. Products/outcome - possibly a white paper
    1. Leaning towards the white paper. Katie would work on this with Ashley & Rebecca to share with the broader archival community afterwards.
  4. Deadline for scheduling is Thursday 3/1 (here’s the form)
    1. Need to submit a request for scheduling the meeting by the 1st. 
    2. We walked through the application with KR to give feedback on a few of the specifics.
  5. Draft of meeting description (50 word limit):
    1. If we have feedback on the description (see below), let Katie know ASAP.

"Join us for a panel discussion focusing on the landscape of the profession, followed by breakout sessions. Topics will include the value of generalists vs. project positions, labor ethics, temporary vs. permanent, and career transitions. The outcome of this session is to compile ideas to share with the broader archival community." 

4- Bylaws/Standing Rules Updates

  1. Current bylaws w/ markup changes:
  2. Katie went through and made changes. Her changes are obvious (in bright color, strikeout). Some of the changes include:
    1. Newsletter = blog (bimonthly posts minimum). 2 posts a month is our minimum goal.
    2. Potential addition: New ex-officio idea (Robina)
      1. Ex officio position for a further along professional. Potentially a professional transitions coordinator.
      2. They could segueway SNAPers into involvement in other sections. A bridge from early professional life to mid-career involvement. Potentially someone who is connected in SAA or interested in building more connections themselves.
      3. We can discuss this more later if people have ideas or feel strongly about this position being added!
  3. Process for finalizing the changes: In order to make the updates to our bylaws official, we need to send the changes to our Council liaison, Erin Lawrimore, & the Executive Director, Nancy Beaumont. They need to review & approve our amendments by May 1st. This must happen before our SNAP general membership votes on it. We’ll have to publicize the potential changes 60 days before the public election (which happens in May/June).

5- Wiki Update!

  1. We have to be invited by Katie to the wiki, for security reasons (will have passwords and committee logistics)
  2. Katie will use our emails from the SAA roster to send out wiki invitations. If you want her to use a different email, let her know ASAP.
  3. Katie created pages for everyone & their positions. We can create additional pages, if we find that helpful
  4. Guide on editing wiki pages in PB Works

6- Updates on Student Fund

Elena’s update: She’s hoping to have a call with Felicia Owens in the next few weeks to learn about the proposal process. The fund will be something that ultimately happens next year due to deadlines

7- Franklin Jameson Archival Advocacy Award nomination due February 28th

If you have any recommendations, let Katie know!

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