Vote in the 2023 LAS Election! Ballots open through July 17

Greetings LAS Members:

Election ballots are now open! We hope that you will take a moment to vote and assist the section with future transitions. As a section, we are voting for new Steering Committee members for the following positions: Vice-Chair/ Chair-Elect, Newsletter Editor, and Regional Representative. To learn more about the candidates for each of these positions, please visit the following page:

Due to majority interest from the membership, we are also seeking your vote to approve changing the section name to the new proposed name: "Solo Archivists Section." Not only does the term "lone arranger" poorly reflect the number of important, varied tasks that solo archivists perform besides arrangement, it also has negative connotations among some archivists due to its association with the fictional radio and television show, The Lone Ranger. In the show, an Indigenous man, Tonto, is stereotyped and portrayed as a "sidekick" who plays a minor role alongside a white "hero," the Lone Ranger. Once considered a pun, the term "lone arranger" has been increasingly called out as derogatory.  If you are in agreement with the section name change, you should vote to approve the name as presented in the referendum (Solo Archivists Section).

To access the ballot page, please use this link:

Users must be logged in to access the ballot. Once you submit a ballot for this section, you will be redirected to the main page to access additional ballots from other sections. Please note that some elections may have a delayed timeline. Ballots will close on July 17th with election results shared at a later date. Please feel free to contact us with any questions at

-LAS Steering Committee