UnBOXed: Small Digitization Projects 2 (April 26) recording also available!

The recording for our second "UnBOXED: Small Digitization Projects" event, held on April 26, is now available!  Please click here to view.

In the Part 2 recording, you will hear from the following panelists:

The American Numismatic Association Library has been working to catalog their archives and digitize and publish portions of the archive collection online. At this time, they have fully digitized five collections, both with staff/volunteers in-house and outsourced workers. In this presentation, Akio will discuss what archives were prioritized, the process used to scan the documents, the learning curve in the processing and cataloging of the items, and their long term goals.
In 2024, one of the digitization projects Diamond is responsible for is the photograph collection from when Maria Shriver was First Lady of California [2003-2010]. As a solo archivist, Diamond will go over organizational considerations, strategy for maximizing archival use (including relevant businesses, nonprofits, & political initiatives). She will also go over how the final digitized collection could be shared. 


If you are looking for the recording or panelist details from Part 1, you can find those here.

Questions about the program, or ideas for future UnBOXed events, can be sent to your SAS steering committee at soloarchivists.saa@gmail.com.