Regional Archival Associations Consortium (RAAC)

The Regional Archival Associations Consortium (RAAC) provides an official venue for information exchange among the leadership of regional archival organizations, and among the Regionals and the Society of American Archivists. The Group serves as a formal entity for fostering collaboration among the Regionals, and between the Regionals and SAA. It offers formal channels to coordinate efforts intra-state, interstate, and with SAA which facilitate streamlining actions, reducing costs, and increasing services to archivists around the nation. Such efforts include but are not limited to advocacy, public awareness, education, disaster planning/recovery, and grant development.

Membership in RAAC is open to archival associations at the local, state, or multi-state level. Eligible regional associations are comprised of individual archivists, not groupings of institutions. Archivists serving on RAAC are appointed by the regional association they represent, with one representative per association.


Mary Rubin, Society of Florida Archivists (2018-2020)

Philip Skroska, Association of St. Louis Area Archivists (2018-2020)

Projects and Activities Information

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Website Liaison: Mary Rubin


RAAC Listserv Use Policy

The Regional Archival Associations Consortium (RAAC) listserv facilitates communication among RAAC representatives regarding topics related to regional archival organizations. This communication may include announcements of events and educational opportunities sponsored by regionals, questions concerning regional organizations’ practices and procedures, and discussion of issues affecting the archives community, especially at the regional level. Communication may also include notifications from the RAAC Steering Committee on RAAC activities. This list is open to current RAAC members only.

Recent News & Announcements

Currently only mentions the New Business that was discussed during our meeting but will eventually contain a recap of the entire meeting.
Welcome Whitney Milley & Michael Law; Ad Hoc Bylaws Committee; Election Nominations due May 1st; Recommendations for Choosing RAAC Representatives
RAAC joined the National Coalition for History (NCH) in 2017 and continued its membership into 2018.
RAAC joined the National Coalition for History (NCH) in 2017.
We appreciate your comments on the draft plan. Please see the final version attached below.
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